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Be your own kind of beautiful!

The past year has really tested most of us, being in and out of various lockdowns and restrictions on our daily lives but we must pat ourselves on the back for getting through it together. It's been a great time to reflect on our lives and time spent with the people most important in our lives and gain a new insight on how precious our family and friends are.

We should be kind to ourselves and not be hard on ourselves given the stresses and strains we have all faced in our lives this past year. We must love ourselves more and appreciate that we are all doing the best that we can in our own way.

I feel honoured to have given back working on the frontline of the NHS and despite the challenges we were all in it together, together stronger! I have also had the privilege of seeing clients revitalised and confident after treatments which also inspires me and is so rewarding.

Let's just take that time to appreciate the positive things and be our own kind of beautiful!

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